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Friday, Aug 16, 2013 • Shawn Mullins w/ Chuck Cannon • 8:00 PM

Genre: alt-rock, pop
Video: Lullaby

Shawn Mullins is known for his expertly crafted folk rock, instrumental rock, and adult alternative music. His influences range from the power-pop groups such as the Violent Femmes and the Indigo Girls to singer-songwriters like James Taylor and Kris Kristofferson. His hit single, "Lullaby", was number one on the Adult Top 40 and was nominated for a Grammy Award!

Since we last heard from Shawn Mullins on 2008’s honeydew, the Atlanta-based singer/ songwriter and bandleader has undergone a series of transformative experiences, leading to a second coming for the veteran artist. Evidence of Mullins’ newfound level of musical and lyrical ambition courses comes through with Light You Up (Vanguard Records, Oct. 12). This captivating new song cycle will likely be viewed as a flat-out revelation even by Mullins’ most fervent fans.

The album is overflowing with perfect rhymes, telling detail and underlying intimations. This is uncommonly literate stuff, striking in its insightfulness and compassion. Delivered by Mullins in his companionable baritone, as lived-in and textured as your favorite pair of faded jeans, amid the relentless rhythms, churning Hammond organ runs and swooping guitar lines, every line is absolutely spellbinding, adding incrementally to the album’s gripping intensity. “I felt like I needed to get the listener’s attention with this record,” says Shawn. He can consider that a mission accomplished.

Ticket Price: $25, $40