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Sunday, Nov 10, 2013 • West Lowe as Mark Twain: An Afternoon of Wit and Wisdom • 2:00 PM

Mark Twain: reporter, author, critic, humorist, lecturer… in today’s vernacular the first American Super Star. By his 60th birthday he had reached a celebrity status previously reserved for presidents, generals, and barn burning preachers. Ernest Hemingway said “all American literature comes from one book…by Mark Twain…Huckleberry Finn.” He was the “toast of the town” in Europe as well as at home and responded to this notoriety by speaking and lecturing worldwide.

All of Twain’s books are still in print today and continue to attract readers by the millions, yet it is his speaking prowess-- his cutting critiques, astute observations, tall tales, and humorous antidotes, delivered with that mid western drawl and perfect timing, that epitomize the man…the Super Star.

West Lowe has been portraying Mark Twain for more than thirty years. His theatrical  impersonation captures the wit and wisdom, the cynicism and pathos, the drawl and timing of Twain with exceptional proficiency. Scripted from Twain’s original work, Lowe's performance will take you from rolling in the aisle to sitting straight with introspection. It’s all there:  the white suit, the bountiful mustache, cigar smoke accentuating restless white  hair…an American icon.

Lowe , a Norfolk local, is thrilled to be invited back to perform in the town where Twain’s daughter, Clara, once summered. The Infinity Hall stage will once again be the venue for this mesmerizing program.

The trouble begins at 2 p.m.

Ticket Price: $20, $35