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Thursday, Nov 15, 2012 • 1974, Fight The Fear, String Theorie- Winners of the 2012 Advocate’s CT Music Awards • 7:00pm

Infinity Hall is honored to have the winners of the CT Music Awards! We have the "Best New Band," "Best Indie Band," and "Best Traditional/Folk Band."  All three of these bands are pushing the limits of their genres and creating something fresh and unique, giving them an edge that will surely be recognized by mass audiences.

We present to you:

Best New Band

"With the release of their debut album, 1974 & The Battle For The Lazer Fortress, the band 1974 made the jump from an unknown local CT band into the public eye. Their release was a full-length sci-fi concept epic, which the Hartford Courant calls "an ambitious effort, in concept and musicianship...an accomplished album from a young band worth watching." Citing influences such as Yes, The Beatles, Rush, and Jethro Tull, there's no hiding the fact that the band's sound is what the Hartford Advocate refers as "unashamed early prog worship." Though the band takes its time crafting complex time signatures and punchy guitar riffs, the music is sweetened by layers of catchy melodies that evoke modern influences such as Coheed and Cambria, Death Cab for Cutie, and The New Pornographers. The interwoven rock and pop facets created a recipe which propelled Lazer Fortress into CT.com's list of 2011's top 15 albums and earned the band the title of "Best New Band" in the Advocate's Grand Band Slam 2012.

VIDEO:The Outline

AUDIO: http://1974.bandcamp.com/

Fight The Fear
Best Indie Rock Band

Fight the Fear is a CT band that combines elements of Rock, Soul, Jazz, Pop, Electronica, and Progressive Rock. Their energetic live show captivates audiences; it has helped them win numerous "Battle of the Bands" competitions resulting in opening for Bon Jovi and playing the Van's Warped Tour.

VIDEO:The Crash


String Theorie
Best Folk/Traditional Band

String Theorie is an Instrumental World Fusion Trio from Central Connecticut that brings together Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass and a wide variety of World Percussion to forge a sound that can't really be described in words.

String Theorie is, to its very core, a do-it-yourself operation. The band makes its own advertising, books its own shows, designs its own CD packaging, records and mixes its own tracks, even builds many of its own instruments. It's a lot of work, but a small price to pay. As Karl says, “I've been in a lot of bands, but a group like this usually comes along once if you're lucky. We're always pushing the limits of what we can do, and I really think that this band can play anywhere and do anything.”


AUDIO:Click here to listen to String Theorie

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