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“Faust” presented by the Connecticut Lyric Opera & the Connecticut Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra

Infinity Hartford


Sun, March 06, 2016
Hartford, CT
Show at 6:30 PM

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Price: $39 - $69

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“Faust” presented by the Connecticut Lyric Opera & the Connecticut Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra

Connecticut’s most performing opera company, the Connecticut Lyric Opera returns to Infinity Hall to present “Faust,” one of the most frequently performed operas in opera houses all over the world, including the MET in New York. The fully staged production of Charles Gounod’s masterpiece will feature The Connecticut Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra conducted by Maestro Adrian Sylveen. Click on the video to view excerpts from the CLO’s production of “La Bohème” last May.


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Artist Bio

The old philosopher Faust, in his study, is tired of life, but hearing the cheerful sounds of life outside, now calls on the Devil to help him. Mephistopheles appears and grants him wealth and power and, at his request, youth, in return for his soul. Faust is transformed. At a fairground, outside a tavern, there is a lively crowd of people, joined by Valentine and Siebel. Wagner sings his Song of the Rat , interrupted by Mephistopheles, with his praise of the golden calf and toast to Marguerite. Valentine draws his sword, which is broken through the magic of Mephistopheles. Faust escorts Marguerite, as she leaves the church, Siebel kept at bay by Mephistopheles. In Marguerite's garden Siebel picks her a bouquet of flowers, but they wither at his touch, until he dips his fingers into holy water, breaking the spell. Faust greets the house and lays a casket of jewels on the step, in place of Siebel's bouquet. Marguerite, approaching, sings her song of the King of Thule, as she muses about the handsome stranger she has met. She sees and hesitatingly opens the casket, donning the jewels, which delight her. Her neighbor Marthe encourages her, and when Faust and Mephistopheles appear, she goes out with the latter, leaving Faust and Marguerite alone, as the couples wander in the garden. Parting from her, Faust hears her confession of love and rushes to her. In the fourth act Marguerite has been deserted. In church Mephistopheles reminds her of her sin, urging her despair. In front of her house Faust and Mephistopheles provoke Valentine, who is within, and Faust kills him. He dies cursing his sister. The revised fifth act contains the Walpurgis Night scene, where Faust sees the heroines of antiquity and, finally, Marguerite, with a red mark on her neck like the cut of an axe. Brought to her in prison, where she has been condemned to death for killing her child, Faust begs her to escape with him, but she turns instead to the angels, aware of the evil in Mephistopheles. Angels now carry her up to heaven and Mephistopheles, as Faust kneels in prayer, remains frustrated.

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