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Wanted D.O.A. - World's #1 Bon Jovi Tribute



Fri, February 28, 2020
Hartford, CT
Doors: 7 PM
Show: 8 PM

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Price: $28 - $38

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Rock / Tribute Band
Wanted D.O.A. - World's #1 Bon Jovi Tribute

Hailing from Boston, Wanted D.O.A. meticulously recreating the sounds and concert experience of one of the most successful acts in music history... BON JOVI. This is America's Truly Authentic Bon Jovi Tribute show!

Wanted D.O.A –World’s #1 Bon Jovi Tribute

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Artist Bio

The sentiment of Bon Jovi's music hits home and no matter the age group, their music is iconic and recognizable to masses. As one of history's most successful music acts with over 130 million RIAA certified sales and countless awards, it's no wonder there are countless acts looking to pay tribute to this legendary group. However, there is only one who truly captures the authenticity of what Bon Jovi's music is all about and what their fans demand; Wanted DOA.

This is the part that we are supposed to tell you how great we are, and state all the awesome things we have done individually in the past. Well it's not about us, it is about Bon Jovi!  As musicians, we have had varying degrees of success in our careers but the one thing we have in common, and the one thing that makes this tribute act work, is that we love and connect with the music. The group first formed in 2015 with the goal of capturing both the studio and live aspects of the songs and to really hone in on the essence of Bon Jovi.  First and foremost it is all about the music. So that means working the vocal harmonies, guitar and keyboard sounds, and most importantly the lead vocals.  To be a good Bon Jovi tribute you need to sound as much like Jon as possible!  A pretty tough feat....

Next...The live show!  Our goal is to put on a performance reminiscent of the rock shows from days long gone. Sound, lights and to engage the crowd, getting them on their feet while screaming for one more. Yes, our lead singer looks a little like Jon, and our guitarist (in a cowboy hat) could pass for Ritchie... But we are not trying look like the band, so you will not see us in wigs, trying to imitate the 80's era group.  For us it is a celebration of the music, while at the same time, trying to deliver an authentic experience to all the other fans of Bon Jovi.  Please Join us...

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