Infinity Music Hall & Bistro

Policies & FAQs

Don't see your question answered below? Please call our box office at 866.666.6306 for more information.

Q: My plans changed. Can I get a refund?

A: Sorry, all sales are final. There are no refunds, exchanges (for shows or venues), for any tickets at any time, without exception. If the show is cancelled or rescheduled, full refunds will be issued.

Q: Can I take pictures or video during the show?

A: No flash photography is allowed and no large, professional-style cameras are permitted. The use of video or audio recording devices is also prohibited. Any variance on this policy is at the artist’s discretion and will be announced prior to the start of the show.

Q: How do I buy tickets?

A: We try to make purchasing tickets as easy as possible for our guests. Go online to our website, or call our box office at 866.666.6306. You can also purchase in-person at our box office in either venue. The Norfolk box office is open Tues - Sun from 11:30a - 6p and until 9pm on show nights. The Hartford Box office is open Wed - Fri from 11:30a - 6p and 9p on show nights; Sat from 4 - 9p and Sun show nights from 4 -9p. We accept most credit cards and cash.

Q: I am having trouble buying tickets. They aren't getting emailed to me.

A: Please first check your spam folder to see if the tickets ended up there. If not, please call our box office at 866.666.6306 and they can help you.

Q: Why are there fees beyond the ticket price?

A: The state of CT charges a 10% entertainment tax on all tickets we sell. In addition, like in most venues, there are service fees on all tickets sold. The fees are the same regardless of where you purchase your ticket (online, via phone or at the box office).

Q: I see tickets available from other sites besides, so can I buy them there?

A: We can only be responsible for tickets sold through our box office and do not recommend purchasing tickets from a third party. Those purchases would be at your own risk.

Q: How are the stage-level seats different from the mezzanine seats?

A: The Orchestra or Stage level offers traditional theatre-style seats and a great view of the stage! The Good Vibe Bar on this level is open before and during most shows for your convenience.

The Mezzanine has the added benefit of a bird’s eye view of the stage, combined with relaxed and comfortable table or counter seating and full wait service from our friendly servers. The Mezz serves the complete Bistro menu, so your ticket is your dinner reservation! This level usually opens 90 minutes prior to the start of the show. Both levels are handicapped accessible and have their own restrooms.

Q: How do I get to the venue, and where can I park?

A: Check out our Driving Directions & Parking page to get information for each venue.

Q: How do I know who is playing, and what they sound like?

A: Check out our Calendar, and click on any upcoming show. Each event listing includes a description of the band, as well as a song or video of theirs. Most new shows are announced and updated on our website Thursday mornings, so always check back for updates! We also have calendars with the current line-up inside the Hall that you can grab and take home with you.

Q: How can I get advance notice of shows going on sale?

A: To get the most updated show announcements and to buy tickets before the general public, sign up for one of our two Membership Clubs. Infinity Stars receive a $25 gift card, an Infinity Hall hat, and 48-hour advance notice of shows on sale for one year. Infinity Superstars receive a $50 gift card, an Infinity Hall hat, a 10% discount in the bistro and gift shop (excludes artist merchandise and gift cards), and 72-hour advance notice of shows on sale for one year. Both Stars and Superstars also receive special perks throughout the year including meet-and-greets, free tickets, and VIP seating.

Q: We want to have dinner too. Where should we eat?

A: You have a choice here…You can enjoy dinner in our award-winning Bistro before the show and then head into the Music Hall. Simply make your reservation online. We recommend you come about 2 hours before the show starts to relax and enjoy your meal.

Or, choose Mezzanine seats when buy your show tickets. You’ll be able to enjoy the complete Bistro menu with full wait service from the comfortable and spacious tables on the Mezzanine. Norfolk mezzanine opens 60 mins before showtime.  Hartford mezzanine opens 90 mins prior to showtime. You can take your seats before the show starts and enjoy your meal before or during the show!

Q: We want to make a night of it – do you have hotel recommendations?

A: We sure do. See nearby hotels on our Where to Stay in Hartford and Where to Stay in Norfolk pages.

Q: What if we need handicap assistance?

A: Both Infinity Hall venues are handicapped accessible. Please contact the box office at 866.666.6306 prior to the show if you need assistance; we always have staff available to help.

Q: Can I smoke in the venue?

A: No smoking is allowed anywhere in the venue. You can smoke outside the building, but we do not allow in/out during the show. In other words, if you go out to smoke, there is no re-admission.

Q: It’s OK to chat during the show, right?

A: We make every effort to create a performance environment that is the best "listening room" for intimate live performances. This will ensure that you, other guests, and the performers enjoy the full benefits of the performance. For this reason, we request that once the program is underway you respect fellow audience members and the artist performing by refraining from talking, whispering, or texting while the performance is in progress. Cellular phones, beepers, watches, electronic organizers, or other noise alarm devices should be switched to silent mode during the performance.

Q: Can I bring in large bags/backpacks/briefcases?

A: Please leave all bags in your car. All bags are subject to search.

Q: I’m looking for a unique and cool place to host a private event. Do you rent out space?

A: Infinity has a variety of special spaces for private parties that are fun no matter how large or small your group is! Please call 866.666.6306 to book your special event. Or fill out our online inquiry form and we will get back to you.

Q: We are a band and want to play your hip venue. Who should I contact?

A: We prefer EPKs (electronic press kits) to receiving press in the mail. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Are you hiring?

A: We’re always accepting applications. Visit our Job Opportunities page. Simply apply online, or download our application and e-mail it back.

Q.  Do you donate to local charities? 

A:  Yes, we are happy to donate concert tickets to many local charities.  Please fill out the donation request form here and send it to the Box Office via email with any relevant event information.  They will send you a ticket package before your event.