Infinity Music Hall & Bistro
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Brand X

Infinity Norfolk


Sun, July 08, 2018
Norfolk, CT
Show at 7:30 PM

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Price: $24 - $39

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Jazz Fusion / Progressive Rock
Brand X

Mind bending jazz fusion ensemble that has been bending musical minds since the mid-70s. Brand X brings out some incredible musicianship and true mastery to the stage for every performance. A project that is 40+ years in the making re-emerged recently and has been touring North America ever since. Don’t miss your chance to see this spectacle of jazz/rock speed demons shredding the Infinity Norfolk Stage!

Brand X

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Artist Bio

Brand X are a multi-national jazz fusion band formed in London in 1975. They were active until 1980, followed by a reformation between 1992–1999. Noted members included John Goodsall (guitar),[1] Percy Jones (bass), Robin Lumley (keyboards) and Phil Collins (drums). Goodsall and Jones were the sole constant members throughout the band's existence. In 2016, Goodsall, Jones and Kenwood Dennard reunited with new musicians Chris Clark on keyboards and Scott Weinberger on percussion.

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