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Gallery Opening Reception feat. Alicia Mordenti

Infinity Norfolk


Sun, February 11, 2018
Norfolk, CT
Show at 3 PM

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Price: FREE

Gallery Opening Reception feat. Alicia Mordenti

Join us and meet the artist!  Refreshments will be served.  Free and open to all.

Alicia Mordenti

Artist Bio

Alicia Mordenti lives and works in Washington Depot, CT.  She was trained as a ceramic artist. Her early work focused on functional pottery embellished with figurative drawing.  

Currently, Alicia’s passion for art making has led her to oil and acrylic painting. Her paintings feature the natural world; flowers, birds, and the animals in her life.  She is fascinated with the transient nature of light, the subtleties of shadow, and the effect of atmosphere on color.


"This body of work represents a year of landscape painting near my home in Washington Depot, CT. In an age when images can be snapped and shared instantaneously, I have found much gratification in crafting an image slowly. Taking my easel and supplies outside to paint has become a daily ritual. It’s been a great opportunity to stand still and contemplate the visual puzzle of the landscape before me.  Working in nature and in the ever changing light and weather forces efficiency of process and artistic decision making. My goal is to capture the effects of light and atmosphere of that day in that particular place in a spontaneous and painterly manner. A selection of these “plein air” paintings were then taken into the studio and made into larger more refined works. In the studio I take my time to explore the magic qualities of pigment to create a tactile surface that hopefully reflects the beauty and space of the landscape."

Alicia Mordenti