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The Ballroom Thieves with Tall Heights

Infinity Norfolk


Thu, April 23, 2015
Norfolk, CT
Show at 8 PM

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Price: $19 - $29

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The Ballroom Thieves with Tall Heights

Truly a high-energy rock trio performing under the guise of well-crafted, emotionally sincere folk, The Ballroom Thieves are a New England gem. The band’s debut album “A Wolf in the Doorway” will be available on April 21st and we couldn’t be happier to be bringing them to Infinity Hall Norfolk to celebrate. Joining them are another Boston based duo on the rise, Tall Heights. Don’t miss a night full of strings, soaring harmonies and a boot-stomping finale that will leaves no mystery as to why these artists are gaining such critical acclaim from press and peers across the country. 

The Ballroom Thieves

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Artist Bio

For The Ballroom Thieves, the band’s journey has only just begun, but their roots already run quite deep. A Wolf in the Doorway finds the trio taking this very idea of “roots” and creating ways to make its associated sound progress, while making its encompassing spirit glow.

“Our own personal growth and explorations in songwriting and musicianship caused us to end up in this unique spot where we can generally feel free to be who we are at all times,” says guitarist Martin Earley. “I think we have a certain sound at the moment, but that sound is constantly evolving, and I hope it keeps doing that.”

Stylistically, the Thieves find a captivating mélange of acoustic styles on the album, exploring the basic constructions of folk and pop music while almost wholeheartedly rejecting its restrictions at the same time. It mirrors the band’s sharp awareness of its surroundings that equates to a rare form of musical intelligence.

A Wolf in the Doorway is an early amalgamation of the band’s short but rich history, capturing the minimalism of their early jam sessions as much as the complexity of their matured songwriting.

The Ballroom Thieves family tree has only just begun to bloom, but its roots give the trio a strong and solid structure from which to continue to build. A Wolf in the Doorway documents this growth in the most authentic way, sending any listener off with a heavier heart and a purer soul than when they arrived.

Tall Heights

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"Folk" has become a funny label for Tall Heights. It felt right when they went all-in on a career in music, street performing over 100 days in 6 months to fund their first recordings. It felt right when their plucky single, "To Be Young," worked its way into the hearts of their hometown, Boston MA, and spread to the nation on Pandora and Spotify. It felt right when they played 300+ shows in '13 and '14 all across the United States. However, with the Spring '15 release of live singles "Spirit Cold" and "Horse to Water," Tall Heights stays true to their harmony, cello and guitar laden souls, while creating something brand new.


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