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Popa Chubby

Infinity Norfolk


Fri, May 03, 2019
Norfolk, CT
Show: 8 PM

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Price: $29 - $39
On Sale: Mar 7, 2019

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Classic Pop
Popa Chubby

Come see Popa Chubby as he returns to the Norfolk stage for a night of hard swinging blues rock. He is one of the most dynamic performers in the blues/rock world.

Popa Chubby

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Artist Bio

Popa Chubby has the blues again. Nearly 20 years have passed since the good Popa aka Ted Horowitz made a big splash in the blues community with his groundbreaking major label debut, ‘Booty And The Beast.’

The compelling songs feature searing guitar lines and heartfelt lyrics, which recall the lament that inspired such blues icons as Howlin’ Wolf and Robert Johnson. Horowitz digs deep and comes up with some of the most intense songs he has ever written.

It’s not surprising since Horowitz has always had the ability to make such a moving album. The potential was always there. Such albums as ‘Booty and the Beast’ and the inspired ‘Back To New York City’ and the criminally overlooked ‘The Fight Is On’ are some of the most enduring records made by Horowitz.

But this time, he hits one way out of the park, courtesy of the catchy, sublime slices of his fractured life. The latest batch of Popa Chubby tunes are relatable. Who hasn’t loved and lost and had to find their way back?

Well, Horowitz, who impresses with some incendiary guitar runs during ‘Universal Breakdown Blues,’ moves on as a contemporary blues player. He keeps the flame alive with songs like ‘I Ain’t Giving Up,’ which is one of the most heartfelt songs of his enviable career, which has spanned more than a quarter century.

But don’t worry about Horowitz. After accepting his fate, he moved on with the spirited ‘I Need A Little Mojo,’ which is a fiery New Orleans style-party song, which proves that the big man from the Bronx is back.

Horowitz picked the perfect cover to render, considering his circumstances. He delivers a mind-bending version of the classic ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow.’ He wrings out every emotional nuance out of the song in an inventive manner.

What we need is some raw, powerful, edgy blues and that’s just what Popa Chubby renders. We get to chew on some deep, moving, searing cuts that come straight from the soul.

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